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The newest installment in the SLIDERBOX® series!

NEW Nonmetallic Adjustable Wall Box

Two gang receptacle made with fiberglassBOX ® material

2302-ABKSC_5-2024_Cell Phone_Color Adjusted (1)
2302-ABKSC_Cut out1


• fiberglassBOX® material, so no putty pad is needed when following the Uniform Building Code (3″ minimum horizontal
distance between boxes)
• Sound rated up to STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 54
• 0″-2″ of adjustability to fit most wall finishes and arrives preset
for 1/2" standard drywall applications
• 6-32 UNC tapped holes for easy device mounting
• Corrosion resistant metal bracket for a solid hold to a wood or metal wall stud
• 220V clamp for 6-8 AWG NM wire
• (4) Clamps for 10-14 AWG NM wire


•Height: 3.86 in
•Width: 4.03 in
•Depth: 3.63 in
•Volume: 42.5 cu in
•Number of Gangs: 2


•ANSI/UL 514C: File No. E30594
•UL Listed

  • 2302-ABKSC_Cut out2_More empty space-1
  • 2302-ABKSC_Cut out1
  • 2302-ABKSC_Cut out3
  • 2302-ABKSC_Cut out4